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The next on-site meeting is scheduled to be on March 9, 2020 at 6 PM, in the sheriff's training center at 951 Low Gap Road, Ukiah. Map: Get up to date information via the weekly county-wide net, Wednesdays starting at 7:30 PM.

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Five Tuesday evenings starting March 10, 2020 in Talmage, Willits, Fort Bragg, and Point Arena
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As the result of a general shutdown of the AC power grid on October 26, 2019, an informal net was formed using the county-wide linked repeater system keeping everyone informed of fire hazard, power status, and fuel and grocery stores open during the period until AC power was restored on October 30. Every station participating was on some form of emergency power including the repeater sites (except for the repeater on Cahto Peak which has none). During this period most, if not all, local nets operated as usual and the county-wide Technical, Digital, Emergency, Swap Meet, and YL nets operated as usual. The station at the county Emergency Operations Center was not activated due to equipment issues at that location.


On October 8, 2017 very late a wildfire broke out in Redwood Valley. As the result of that fire or possible heavy equipment brought in to fight the fire, the fiber optic cable connecting the greater Willits area and perhaps points north were cut off from telephone, cellular telephone, and all cable based internet access. By early morning Monday October 9 the amateur radio community in Mendocino County was mobilized to provide communications between all hospitals, certain health centers, and yet to be established Red Cross shelters and the forming Emergency Operations Center operations. Click here for an update on the ham radio response to the Redwood Complex fire. redwood.pdf

CHP HQ Letter to all Commands regarding using radios while driving

A letter from CHP to all commands states, in part:

For the purposes of Section 23123.5(f) CVC, a radio installed and mounted in a vehicle with a wired hand microphone (e.g. business band or citizen band [CB] radio) is not considered a wireless communication device, nor is it considered a specialized mobile radio device, and therefore is not subject to enforcement under this section.

To see the whole letter, go to:CHP-Enforcement-of-Section-23123 pdf

Every mobile operator is advised to keep a copy of this letter in their vehicle and show it to an officer if stopped. Be polite. Note this will not include a hand held radio held up to the face. Use a microphone!