A net is a regularly scheduled on-air meeting with other amateur radio operators. These “Nets” (as in “networks”) are moderated by a station referred to as “Net Control”. Nets can allow operators to learn procedures for emergencies, be an informal round table or be topical, covering specific interests shared by a group.

Some local nets are operated on a simplex frequency to ensure that the local operators can communicate between themselves without relying on a remote repeater that might not be available in the aftermath of a disaster. This would also allow communications in a local area without being subjected to interference from communications from outside the local area. Other local nets use a local repeater due to topographic or other obstacles to simplex operations.


Local net script - Updated December 2007

Countywide Net Suggested Script - Updated May 2019

Countywide Net Log Sheet – Updated Weekly

County Wide Net Log Sheet in Excel

Countywide Digi Net Log

DigiNetLog in Excel

Local Area Net Schedule (Mendocino County)

Last Updated May 2019

Albion / Little River / Mendocino 146.820 R M Noon 146.820 103.5 North Coast Alternate 147.570 simplex
Brooktrails/Spring Creek/Sylvandale 145.130 R M 8:00 PM 145.130 103.5 Central Alternate 146.580 simplex
Covelo 146.210 R W 7:00 PM 145.130 103.5 Central
Fort Bragg 147.030 R M Noon 147.030 103.5 North Coast Linked to 146.820 repeater
Gualala (digi M 5:30 PM 147.945R) 147.825 R Tu 7:00 PM 147.825 103.5 South Coast Link to Pt. Arena Net
Laytonville 146.535 S W 7:00 PM 145.130 103.5 Central
North Coast Simplex 146.550 S W 7:00 PM 146.820 103.5 North Coast Ft. Bragg- Orr Springs
Piercy 146.790 R M 7:00 PM 146.790 103.5 SHARC S. Humboldt Net
Point Arena (digi M 5:30 PM 147.945R) 146.610 R Tu 7:00 PM 146.610 88.5 South Coast Link to Gualala Net
Redwood Valley / Ukiah 146.490 S W 7:00 PM 145.130 103.5 Central
Willits 146.445 S W 7:00 PM 145.130 103.5 Central

Countywide/Regional Nets

Name Day Time Frequency Tone REMARKS
McARCS Countywide Net W 7:30 PM 145.430 - 103.5 Linked Net - North County – Cahto Peak
McARCS Countywide Net W 7:30 PM 147.390 + 103.5 Linked Net - Central County – Laughlin Ridge
McARCS Countywide Net W 7:30 PM 145.470 - 103.5 Linked Net - South County – Sanel Mt.
McARCS Countywide Net W 7:30 PM 147.270 + 114.8 Linked Net - South Coast – Fish Rock Road
McARCS Countywide Net W 7:30 PM 147.675 - 179.9 Linked Net - Lake County – Hunter Point
Technical Net T 7:00 PM Linked countywide repeaters See above Technical questions and answers
Digi Net T 8:00 PM Linked countywide repeaters See above Practice Net using fldigi and flmsg
Walking Repeaters 2m W After Countywide net (~8 PM) 145.555 103.5 Countywide/regional simplex net hosted by Len, WA6KLK
YL Net Th 7:00 PM Linked countywide repeaters See above Ladies-only net hosted by Joyce, KJ6ZVS
Swap Net Th 7:30 PM Linked countywide repeaters See above Informal on-the-air swap meet for ham gear or computer equipment
Humboldt HF Net M 7:45 PM 3.955 LSB
Mendocino/Sonoma HF Emergency Net Tu 7:30 PM 3.925 or 7.245 LSB Net may be shifted +/- a couple kHz for noise/traffic
Oregon/California (ORCA) Digi Net Tu 7:30 PM 3.955 LSB voice
3.595 USB fldigi
HF digital net, usually MFSK32


  • S or R denotes simplex or repeater frequency
  • Some areas may require elevation and/or gain antenna for common repeater access
  • Each community uses non-interfering simplex frequency for local net per table