McARCS is the support organization for amateur radio emergency communications in Mendocino County โ€“ about halfway between San Francisco and Eureka between the Pacific Coast and halfway to the central valley.

This service is made up of FCC-licensed amateur radio operators who have volunteered their time and resources to serve the community in times of emergency. They maintain reliable radio systems that do not depend upon regular sources of electric power, and are prepared to respond to the need for radio communications whenever regular systems fail or are overloaded, including such emergency conditions as fire, flood, toxic spill, earthquake, or other disaster.

  • County Wide Net, 7:30 PM Local Time on Wednesdays
  • South Coast and Inland 145.470 - 103.5
  • Central Coast and Inland 147.390 + 103.5
  • North Coast and Inland 145.430 - 103.5
  • Fish Rock/Point Arena 147.270 + 114.8
  • Net Control Station Duties Rotate โ€“ Follow Net Control Instructions

The regular MCARCS meeting is on the first Monday of the month, 6 pm. at the sheriff's office training center/EOC on Low Gap Road in Ukiah (odd months), or on the countywide repeater system (even months).

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